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Many people do not use their credit cards on the internet because they've heard so many things about credit card theft, scams, etc. I've been buying things for many years and I've never had a problem. However, I've thought of a great way to be able to use a credit card for internet purchases, with absolutely no risk whatsoever.

What you do is open an additional checking account where you bank, and ask for an atm/debit card to go with that account. It will have a Visa/Mastercard logo on it, and you can use this debit card exactly like a credit card. Make sure that the card you get is ONLY linked to the new checking account.

SO, what you do is only keep $100 or so in that account, and only use that debit card to make purchases on the internet. You could also just transfer the amount of your online purchase into that checking account every time, so even if someone had the debit card number, they wouldn't be able to buy anything with it. This is really easy to do if you have online banking. Btw, Washington Mutual has free checking accounts, so it won't cost you anything.

At any rate, here's the mailing address:

Hans Brost
1717 E Vista Chino A7 584
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